Band Driven Roller Conveyor

A very popular and economic form of powered roller conveyor is the BDR Conveyor.
The drive mechanism consists of a motor gearbox driving a line shaft mounted under the conveyor frame. The line shaft has drive spools fitted along the length of the conveyor. These drive spools provide driving force to the conveyor rollers via polyurethane drive bands.

Materials selected for conveyor frame and roller construction are dependent on environment.
Typically powder-coated mild steel conveyor frames are matched with galvanised rollers and stainless steel frames are matched with either stainless steel or PVC rollers.

All BDR Conveyors include fitted plastic line shaft guards as an added safety feature.

The BDR Conveyor range also includes modules such as bends, merges, diverts, pneumatic blade stops, chain driven transfers, pneumatic pushers, line breaks and personnel gates.

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