Products overview with categories.

Conveyor Rollers

MCL manufacture & supply a wide range of Conveyor Rollers in a range of diameters from 20 mm to 115 mm. Depending on the application, we manufacture in a variety of materials such as PVC, galvanised mild steel & stainless steel.

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor is the most economical type of roller conveyor available. The conveyor rollers are mounted in a simple frame constructed from mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Gravity Roller Conveyors are suitable for most flat bottomed products, such as cardboard cartons, plastic totes, pallets etc.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Roller Drive can be used individually or zones can be created by coupling slave driven rollers. Zone lengths are dependent on application. These zones can be configured for basic transport mode or zero pressure accumulation of product.

Belt Conveyors

We have Modular and Flat Belt Conveyors. Modular Belt Conveyors are often associated with processing environments where cleanliness and regular washing down of equipment is necessary. Flat Belt Conveyors can be used in both industrial environments and wash down areas. This type of conveyor is also a popular solution for slower moving assembly type applications.

Slat Chain Conveyors

Slat Chain Conveyors are often seen in the beverage industry for transporting bottles and cans. Slat Chain Conveyors can also be used in both industrial environments and wash down areas. Slat Chain Conveyors can also be suitable for applications involving low pressure accumulation, incline and decline of products.

Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors represent a reliable concept in vertical conveying where space saving is a priority. Most spirals are shipped in one piece, pre-assembled and pre-tested – thereby drastically reducing the time and cost of installation.


Components are available for refurbishment of existing conveyors.

FlexMove Conveyors

FlexMove intelligent transport system is designed to provide flexible conveying solutions for all industries. This unique system employs a side-flexing plastic chain allowing horizontal turns and elevation changes within a single continuous run. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive range of standard pre-engineered components, conveyors can be assembled with hand tools.