MCL partners with Integrators and OEM’s for NZ’s Primary Industries

April 2020

MCL pivot their business to produce systems for systems integrators and OEMs within the New Zealand market.

While prior to the pandemic MCL focused primarily on the international market, closed borders opened opportunities closer to home, within the Kiwifruit, Apple, Avocado, Meat Processing sectors with various solutions being required, including pallet conveying.

The business implemented SolidWorks and PDM software to manage the design outputs of deliberate and detailed products that incorporate various 3rd party equipment such as photo eyes, scanners, check weighers, and label printers.

All of which are required when delivering complex automated systems that connect various machinery such as carton erectors, food grading systems, pallet and product handling equipment, across multiple industries with varying hygiene standards.

MCL works with clients to provide conveyor systems including palletising, carton handling, food, dairy and beverage, and has the expertise to take on the most challenging jobs.

With multiple industries both locally and internationally investing in automation after encountering enormous staffing pressures with lockdowns, MCL has experienced massive growth via a surge in demand for product lines during lockdowns.

MCL is extremely proud that much of its business is from word-of-mouth referral from satisfied clients who recognise the company’s superior ability to deliver complex custom solutions for systems integrator and OEM partners.

Apollo VTS

Having signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Apollo VTS some years prior, the company opens a production facility in Thailand in 2017.  Apollo VTS are a division of The Royal Apollo Group of Holland, with 175 years of proud family ownership and tradition. Apollo VTS is the world’s leading supplier of vertical conveying systems, with high quality machines, thinking in solutions, customer centric product development, and 24/7 customer service, and flexibility.

Apollo VTS & MCL collaborate to design, manufacture, and install next generation conveying solutions for their customers highly specific and unique site requirements.

As a worldwide player, the establishment of a production facility in Thailand, and sales offices in Thailand and China to design, manufacture, and sell, vertical transport systems through their customer partners throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region, whilst being closer to NZ enables faster ex works deliveries & shipping times.

To date MCL has installed nearly 50 Apollo spiral conveyors, with all our users commenting on how easy they are to incorporate into their plants & confirm their superior reliability is world famous.


MCL having been committed to motorised roller technology since it’s inception, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Kyowa Manufacturing.
A founding partner in the PulseRoller Brand (a collaboration of 3 global leaders in their respective fields: Kyowa Manufacturing (Japan), Industrial Software (Belgium) and Insight Automation (USA).

PulseRoller offer a family of 24volt DC, motorized drive roller products and controls, consisting of a variety of motor drive rollers of various diameter, configurations, and gear motors, with the most advanced Ethernet networked drive controllers, and various other components required to assemble and implement motor driven roller conveyors and system.

MCL have the support of PulseRoller’s vast network of product experts with over 150 collective years in materials handling. Expertise ranges from bit-level communications, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

The ongoing relationship with Kyowa and PulseRoller ensures access to extensive knowledge and history in motorized roller conveyor systems, assuring you receive quality products, design know how and support to make your project a success with a viable cost-effective materials handling solution.

Distribution agreement

It is with great pleasure that MCL announces its exclusive distribution agreement with Markes GmbH & Co. KG.

For more than 100 years the Markes name has been synonymous with quality and reliability all over Europe and specialise in the manufacture of steel & plastic bearings for conveyor rollers.

MCL has had a long relationship with Markes and will continue to offer these market leading products.

View Markes website to see the full range and contact MCL to discuss your requirements.

For more information, please contact;

Modular Conveyors Ltd

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Conveyor Servicing

Modular Conveyors (MCL) is pleased to announce the addition of a Service Division to complement their supply of components for conveyor servicing and preventative maintenance.

A fully trained service technician is available to maximise efficiencies and minimise costs and inconvenience with your conveyor servicing and maintenance. Primarily known as a specialist designer and manufacturer of conveyors and components, MCL has added a Service Division to assist clients with the ongoing requirement of ensuring long lasting capital plant.

We offer experience in all types of conveyors and access to a full range of components with dedicated workshop facilities.

MCL’s service technician is ideally placed to give a comprehensive and cost effective solution to take the hassle out of conveyor servicing and maintenance.

Initially for the wider Auckland market, MCL has the ability to work with plant engineers, factory supervisors and maintenance personnel.

MCL has the flexibility to work on whatever basis suits the client, be that taking control of the required service work, working as instructed, taking an advisory role or bringing in a team as the size and deadline of the work dictates.

It is our specialised experience in conveyors which is gained from many years of design and manufacture that sets MCL apart from other service providers. A large family of standard components and conveyor styles allows us to accurately and efficiently service/repair all styles of conveyors.

From replacement components and conveyor rollers to fully refurbishing your conveyors, MCL is on standby to assist with your conveyor servicing.

For more information, please contact;

Modular Conveyors Ltd

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Carton turners

There are many examples where cartons need to be turned while travelling on a conveyor. The reasons can be quite varied such as the need for a fixed barcode scanner to see the bar code or to orient the carton for its next process such as a Robot pick off lane, taping machine or maybe to assist in simply transferring the carton to another conveyor.

MCL has developed and manufactured a wide range of carton turners that are operating effectively and efficiently in a variety of industries.  One of the first things to consider (apart from budget) when determining which carton turner will be best for a given application is carton orientation, for example are we turning from short edge leading to long edge leading or vice versa.Other considerations when selecting which turner will work best are the variety of carton footprints and product mass coming down the conveyor. Carton rates and the quality of the carton will also assist in forming the basis of the decision.MCL has manufactured simple bump arm turners for applications where the product rates are reasonably low, cartons sizes are similar and are positioned consistently on the conveyor. Also in the range have been turners with vacuum cups for locking on the cartons while a pneumatically actuated turning mechanism positions the carton prior to release. Twin row modular belt conveyors have been another popular method of turning cartons. The list of carton turner options available to MCL are many which ensures when clients are talking to us about their application we can offer the best solution within the current or new conveyor system.

For more information on these products or manufacture of conveyors and components please;

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Modular Conveyors Ltd (MCL) manufacture a compact inline checkweigher made of stainless steel and designed for inexpensive weight monitoring and final checks of packaged products.

Checkweighers have evolved over time & have been developed to enable manufacturers to ensure their products remain within specification and provide accuracy and reliability in the harshest of environments. Each pack is individually weighed to determine that its weight is correct.Underfilling will always disappoint your customer & can be illegal. Overfilling creates wastage, directly hits your company’s bottom line and can also damage the appearance of your product. MCL also offer the infeed and outfeed conveyors to their checkweighers. The outfeeds are linked with a reject device to transfer out of speciifcation product from the main line to a reject line. The infeeds are fitted with a stop or metering device to ensure that product is fed to the checkweigher in accordance with the capacity of the checkweigher. With their compact and rugged design MCL checkweighers are designed to handle all types of products and packages, ranging from bags and pouches, through cans, right up to trays and cartons. This design makes them easy to clean and maintain, thereby minimizing downtime

For more information on these products or other conveyor components please

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New Drive Heads

Modular Conveyors have released Round Belt & Poly-V driven rollers to suit a range of applications.
Initially developed to enhance the drive capabilities of our Ø50mm 24VDC rollers, rollers fitted with these drive heads offer different drive options and capabilities.

Manufactured from robust Nylon 6 and fitted with a sealed precision bearing the drive heads are available to suit 7/16” hex, Ø12mm & Ø10mm shafts.

Round belt drive has historically been the standard drive method when slave driving rollers together and until the release of the new drive head this has been achieved by grooves in the roller tube. Conveyor rollers fitted with the Round Belt drive head and its matching twin groove maximise the transfer of drive and also keeps the belts at the end of the roller and away from product.

The Poly-V drive head is a relatively new method of slaving and driving rollers and offers a drive system capable of transferring much higher torque than round belts.
Once again the belts are kept at the end of the roller and away from product.
This drive medium is capable of transporting heavy product loads.

Modular Conveyors manufacture and offer conveyor rollers fitted with the drive heads and also installed as part of a conveyor module dependant on client and application requirements.
Drive heads and belts to suit various roller pitches are also available as spare parts.
Modular Conveyors are pleased to offer their advise on these and other products as part of their conveyor service.

Contact MCL for more information.

New Agency – FlexMove

MCL are pleased to announce the addition of FlexMove conveyors and components to our product range.

In keeping with our modular theme of building conveyors, FlexMove intelligent transport system is designed to provide flexible conveying solutions for all industries.
This unique system employs a side-flexing plastic chain allowing horizontal turns and elevation changes within a single continuous run. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive range of standard pre-engineered components, conveyors can be assembled with hand tools.

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