Carton turners

There are many examples where cartons need to be turned while travelling on a conveyor. The reasons can be quite varied such as the need for a fixed barcode scanner to see the bar code or to orient the carton for its next process such as a Robot pick off lane, taping machine or maybe to assist in simply transferring the carton to another conveyor.

MCL has developed and manufactured a wide range of carton turners that are operating effectively and efficiently in a variety of industries.  One of the first things to consider (apart from budget) when determining which carton turner will be best for a given application is carton orientation, for example are we turning from short edge leading to long edge leading or vice versa.Other considerations when selecting which turner will work best are the variety of carton footprints and product mass coming down the conveyor. Carton rates and the quality of the carton will also assist in forming the basis of the decision.MCL has manufactured simple bump arm turners for applications where the product rates are reasonably low, cartons sizes are similar and are positioned consistently on the conveyor. Also in the range have been turners with vacuum cups for locking on the cartons while a pneumatically actuated turning mechanism positions the carton prior to release. Twin row modular belt conveyors have been another popular method of turning cartons. The list of carton turner options available to MCL are many which ensures when clients are talking to us about their application we can offer the best solution within the current or new conveyor system.

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