Modular Conveyors Ltd (MCL) manufacture a compact inline checkweigher made of stainless steel and designed for inexpensive weight monitoring and final checks of packaged products.

Checkweighers have evolved over time & have been developed to enable manufacturers to ensure their products remain within specification and provide accuracy and reliability in the harshest of environments. Each pack is individually weighed to determine that its weight is correct.Underfilling will always disappoint your customer & can be illegal. Overfilling creates wastage, directly hits your company’s bottom line and can also damage the appearance of your product. MCL also offer the infeed and outfeed conveyors to their checkweighers. The outfeeds are linked with a reject device to transfer out of speciifcation product from the main line to a reject line. The infeeds are fitted with a stop or metering device to ensure that product is fed to the checkweigher in accordance with the capacity of the checkweigher. With their compact and rugged design MCL checkweighers are designed to handle all types of products and packages, ranging from bags and pouches, through cans, right up to trays and cartons. This design makes them easy to clean and maintain, thereby minimizing downtime

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