Conveyor Servicing

Modular Conveyors (MCL) is pleased to announce the addition of a Service Division to complement their supply of components for conveyor servicing and preventative maintenance.

A fully trained service technician is available to maximise efficiencies and minimise costs and inconvenience with your conveyor servicing and maintenance. Primarily known as a specialist designer and manufacturer of conveyors and components, MCL has added a Service Division to assist clients with the ongoing requirement of ensuring long lasting capital plant.

We offer experience in all types of conveyors and access to a full range of components with dedicated workshop facilities.

MCL’s service technician is ideally placed to give a comprehensive and cost effective solution to take the hassle out of conveyor servicing and maintenance.

Initially for the wider Auckland market, MCL has the ability to work with plant engineers, factory supervisors and maintenance personnel.

MCL has the flexibility to work on whatever basis suits the client, be that taking control of the required service work, working as instructed, taking an advisory role or bringing in a team as the size and deadline of the work dictates.

It is our specialised experience in conveyors which is gained from many years of design and manufacture that sets MCL apart from other service providers. A large family of standard components and conveyor styles allows us to accurately and efficiently service/repair all styles of conveyors.

From replacement components and conveyor rollers to fully refurbishing your conveyors, MCL is on standby to assist with your conveyor servicing.

For more information, please contact;

Modular Conveyors Ltd

Ph: +64 9 969 3281

E:   [email protected]