Improved Compact Blade Stop Design

Compact Blade Stop design is improved with a unique speed up section provided.

When used in conjunction with band driven roller conveyor, the pneumatically operated compact blade stop is combined with split spools that are clipped over the standard spools to achieve a speed up section.

This speed up section is required to effect gaps between products when clearing accumulated product which in turn also offers the compact blade stop a clear space to actuate into if further product control is required.

This unique spool design offers a quick, simple and cost effective method of fine tuning conveyor systems when dealing with the clearing of accumulated product of various carton sizes.

Other recent improvements include the introduction of a ball joint at the top of the pneumatic cylinder to reduce component wear and improve cycle rates.

Compact Blade Stops can be retrofitted into existing conveyors very simply – components are kept ex stock to suit 400mm – 600mm inside frame widths in 50mm increments for quick lead times.

Split spools can be utilised in many parts of a conveyor system where an increase in line speed is required.

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