MCL having been committed to motorised roller technology since it’s inception, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Kyowa Manufacturing.
A founding partner in the PulseRoller Brand (a collaboration of 3 global leaders in their respective fields: Kyowa Manufacturing (Japan), Industrial Software (Belgium) and Insight Automation (USA).

PulseRoller offer a family of 24volt DC, motorized drive roller products and controls, consisting of a variety of motor drive rollers of various diameter, configurations, and gear motors, with the most advanced Ethernet networked drive controllers, and various other components required to assemble and implement motor driven roller conveyors and system.

MCL have the support of PulseRoller’s vast network of product experts with over 150 collective years in materials handling. Expertise ranges from bit-level communications, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

The ongoing relationship with Kyowa and PulseRoller ensures access to extensive knowledge and history in motorized roller conveyor systems, assuring you receive quality products, design know how and support to make your project a success with a viable cost-effective materials handling solution.